What is the minimum deal size you will fund?

The minimum deal size we do is $300,000. Please note the note every deal is the same but typically you can expect to put 20-35% and have at least six months reserves and a fico of 680. Of course, there are alternatives if credit is an issue. If that is the case expect to put 40-50% down generally and can show substantial assets. Interest rates will vary from 7-12%.

What is the maximum deal size you will fund?

We will fund up to $100M or more depending on the deal. We have not set limit here. If the deal makes sense funding is available for it.

How long does it take to close a loan?

Generally, it takes about 30 days to close a loan depending on the deal. We will streamline your funding request to assist with your funding request to ensure that you meet your deadline.

Get I get a loan with bad credit?

There are funding sources that will funds investor with bad credit. However, we strongly advise, that you correct any credit issues before applying for a loan. Lenders charge higher fees and interest rates for these types of loan, therefore, making the money much more expensive to borrow. This really does not make good business sense from an investor standpoint. The higher interest rate the higher your debt service, therefore, decreasing your profits. The bottom line you want to get access to cheap money. The best way to get access to that is to have excellent credit. That said you get started improving by first get and copy of your credit report. We recommend using annualcreditreport.com for the most accurate credit that you will need to start improving your credit. You can learn how to do it yourself at CreditDisputerSecrets.com or contact us for assistance at 470-362-7887.

However, if you still wish to apply for a commercial real estate loan expect to be charged more in fees, interest rates as well as much larger downpayment requirements.

How Much Down Payment Needed For A Commercial Real Estate Loan?

Typically you should expect to put at least 20% of the purchase down. However, depending on the asset class and type as well as the sponsor credit and assets a downpayment as much as 35% may be needed.

How Much Reserves Do I Need To Show In My Bank Account?

It is always to good have at least six months mortgage payments in your bank account. If you are a doing a rehab then is best to have enough capital in the bank to cover however long it will take to complete the project and lease up the property.

What you  need to pre-qualify a loan?

To start we have created a simple online form that can complete here. You will also need the following to start:

For Income Producing Properties:

Copy Of Purchase and Sale Agreement if Purchase


Rent Rolls

Last 2 year Profit and Loss Statements

Copy of your credit report from CreditCheckTotal.com showing all pages and all three scores

3 Months Bank Statement

Approved Fee Agreement


For Rehab Properties

Rehab Budget

Scope Of Work

Copy of your credit report from CreditCheckTotal.com showing all pages and all three scores

Rehab timeline

Copy Of  The Purchase and Sale Agreement


Do You Charge Any Upfront Fees?

We do not charge any upfront fees however certain capital sources may require a deposit to cover the appraisal fees.